Do you include the Lord?

Ever sat quietly looking at the backs of other’s heads? The Lord has. My people have forgotten Me, days without number. They have turned their back to Me, and not their face, but in the time of trouble they will say, “Arise and save us (Jeremiah 2:27, 32).”

Include the Lord in your conversations. He is there. Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face continually (1 Chronicles 16:11).

Do you pray only when you want help, or just because you love the Lord?

God’s Father-Love

I cycled past four dads today:
One sprinted behind the jogger that held his infant daughter.
The second plodded slowly, pushing his toddler aged son.
Another followed behind two elementary aged children; all three rode like the wind.
The last rode beside his young daughter, patiently keeping pace with her.

I saw God’s Father-love:
He carries us when we’re young, small, weak.
He goes behind us, inspiring us.
He goes beside us as our Father-friend.
He always includes us.

I want to pray.

For God so loved the world . . .

. . . that He gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

O Lord, I am astonished at the difference
between my receivings and my deservings,
between the heaven I am bound for and the hell I merit.
Who made me to differ, but You?*

*adapted from The Valley of Vision, p.8, edited by Arthur Bennett.