A Wife’s Prayer after Miscarriage

As we walked, she talked. “I had no idea how many women suffer the unseen, silent sorrow of miscarriage.”

Then she spontaneously prayed, “Lord, comfort the other mothers who lost unborn babies like you comfort me.”

Suffering helps us pray for others.

(She’s also asking the Lord to give her another baby.)

Power and Peace Through Prayer

I have often thought about what my greatest surprise will be when I go home to be with the Lord. After much pondering, I have concluded that it will be the tremendous power and peace that was available to me this side of heaven—and how infrequently I used it.*

*Richard Burr, Developing Your Secret Closet of Prayer, p. 8.  

Displeasure or Praise?

Jesus is wonderful. He does wonderful things. When He healed the sick, the Chief Priests were indignant and the children cried, “Hosanna (Matthew 21:14-15)!”

How do you respond to the wonderful things Jesus does for others? What if He forgives someone who has hurt you terribly?

Will your prayers be full of displeasure or praise?

God Gives More

It was ludicrous to make God’s temple, a house of prayer, into a den of robbers. They took from men who had little to give, rather than going to God, who says, “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith (Matthew 21:22).”

Learn a lesson from that story. Don’t take from men what God would give if you would pray.

Even Before You Ask

We wrote on the valet parking board that we wanted the car at 4 PM the next day. The garage attendants thought we had written 4 AM, so they put our car in the early morning line-up.*

The next morning,  we decided my husband should drive the car to work, rather than have me take it downtown after school. When he went to the parking garage, our car was ready and waiting.

God gives what we need, no matter what we ask.

*Our valet parking garage has about 200 cars in it. Attendants line the cars up at night so each one is available at precisely the right time. It’s very difficult to make a change during early morning rush hour.

A Tootsie Pop and Potato Chips

It was February 14, and school had just ended. Two of my first grade friends wanted to give me a Valentine gift. One offered a tootsie pop. The other opened her backpack and pulled out an almost empty potato chip bag,  saying, “This is for you.” With grateful words and thankful heart I took their gifts.

I wonder if God sees us like I saw those little girls.

Is He grateful for our prayers, not because of their eloquence or perfection, but because they come from earnest and sincere hearts?