My Place of Prayer

In the quiet of the morning,
before the sun is up
I spend time alone with God.
His Word illumines the darkness.
I read story after story
Looking for God.
Who is He, really?
What matters to Him?
What brings Him joy?
Or sorrow and pain?
How did He respond when people prayed?
What do they pray?

A notebook is my altar.
I write what I see.
“God said this.
Man said that.
Then God acted, powerfully.”

Sometimes I notice simple things:
“Abraham lived a long and satisfying life (Genesis 25:7).”
I want that for my husband.
So I open another notebook
This one of prayers for people I love
I write, on the top of a page already full
Of Scripture-inspired prayer
“Please give my husband a long and satisfying life like you gave Abraham.
Not painfree, but one of friendship with You and faith.”

Suddenly, I notice the sun is up.
My time alone with God can’t last all day.

I begin to pray for those I love
Scripture-inspired prayers
Recorded in my notebook
Prompt me to pray about what matters to God:
Forgiveness, provision, blessing, fruitful service.

Too soon the clock reminds me
My time alone with God must end.
But we’ll be together all day.
I ask to be aware of His presence.
I don’t want to stop praying, ever.

What about your place of prayer?
Would you tell us? Please make a comment or reply to this post.
What do you pray? And why? And how? And where?

We could know God better because of you.


2 thoughts on “My Place of Prayer

  1. I pray to God and Jesus each day I wake up at 3:00am. I sometime wake up on my own and sometime I ask Jesus to wake me up so that I don’t over sleep and forget to praise his holy name.
    You see Jesus has done so much for me in my life that I’m so Thankful for. I have lived a life with so much pain in it. But God got me through. I’m happy today but I’m also sad as well. Can’t forget the pass no matter what I do. I truly love Jesus. I think he is the best thing that ever happen to me.
    This is not a drug or violence story that I have lived. This is a life story and it has been hard. I have lost family, friends, coworkers for Christ and I would do it all again in an instance. I can’t put down my whole story here but what a life I have lived and am still living. If I could say just one thing to take away from my life experience is don’t stop praying. Even when you are angry or upset. Remember, you can ask God a question regarding anything. He will answer you.

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