Gratitude is Attractive

Seven things went wrong last week, all of them hard and out of her control. She prayed and asked others to pray.

This week, her problems are in the process of being solved. When I asked her what to pray, she thought and then answered, “I’m so grateful for what the Lord is doing, all I can think to say is thank you.”

It’s fun to help a person like her.


What to Pray in the Night

I was reading to my granddaughters. We came to this page*:IMG_9950.JPGI asked, “Do you pray when you’re in bed at night?”

Greta answered, “Yes, when I am afraid I pray, ‘Jesus, thank you that you are with me. Jesus, thank you that you are in me.'”

Greta is not yet 4 years old.

*Joni Walker, Jesus Hears Me, p.1.

A Daughter and Her Dad

She* wakes and welcomes the day with singing. When she tires of singing, she calls out, “Daddy!” who takes her from her crib so they can make breakfast together.

Their father/daughter relationship exemplifies how to begin each day with Father God:
First praise.
Then pray.
Then work.

*She is our 2 year old granddaughter, Talia.