A Tip for Busy Prayers

At any leisure moment you would see him reading from his leather-bound pocket book, in which he had a long list of names for whom he prayed daily. He remembers them all before God in silent prayer.”*

Put a list on your phone (most of us take them everywhere) and pray for people whenever you have a second!

Continue steadfastly in prayer . . . making the best use of the time (Colossians 4:1-5).

*adapted from Mrs. Howard Taylor, Behind the Ranges, p.177.

God’s Reputation

God was justifiably angry when His people worshiped a golden calf.  He wanted to destroy them. But Moses prayed: “Why should the Egyptians say, “With evil intent did he bring them out, to kill them? . . . and God relented of the disaster he had spoken of (Exodus 32:12-14).

We who bear Christ’s name can implore the Lord to keep his reputation untarnished, even when we sin.


Just say, “Jesus”

Our son ordered and paid for our Friday Night Pizza. He told us to go to Papa John’s and say, “Jacob.”

So I walked in to Papa John’s, said, “Jacob,” and walked out carrying 3 pizzas.

Prayer works like that.

We can ask the Father for anything in Jesus’ name, because we have been chosen and bought with Christ’s own blood (see John 15:16; Acts 20:28).

When you pray, just say, “Jesus.”